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I feel confident that I will be able to reach the goals I set for myself. My main goal was to build relationships with the youth, and I had felt that it was much easier to establish those relationships with people who were newer to the program. Last week I worked on being more engaged with youth who had been around longer, and felt like I was starting to be successful. One youth in particular who I've had multiple conversations with just asked me what my name was last week and started calling me by it. Progress.
I've also been reflecting on my comfort level with my coworkers and with the space and have seen a lot of progress with those this week as well. YES is going through a time where multiple staff members are transitioning out. One had her last drop-in day last week and we had a staff celebration at R House for her. It was nice to see that my coworkers interact pretty much exactly the same at work as they do outside of work. This reinforced for me the genuine nature of the people I work with while emphasizing that I can be myself in the work space, because everyone else is being themselves too.
One thing I love about YES is that it's okay to come to work tired or upset or stressed because it's always acknowledged and taken into account. It's not counted against who you are as a person or as an employee, it's just recognized as a fact that you come into work everyday feeling different and that affects how you're going to interact with people. Halfway through the internship, I feel that I have a solid level of familiarity and comfort with my organization as it operates on a daily basis. I know almost everyone who comes in the door by name and feel comfortable starting a conversation with most of those individuals as well. Overall, I feel like I'm on the right track toward accomplishing my goals for the program.